Yep, you read that right. Promatics Technologies is now operational in the USA!

When we started out in 2019, we knew we had big dreams. We just didn’t foresee how fast our passion to do good work in tech would drive us.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, an introduction is proper for those of you just meeting us. And for our ride and thrives, well let’s just call this a reintroduction.

Who is Promatics Technologies?

That’s simple. We’re a team of unconventional techies with years of executing, experimenting, learning, networking, and growing in the IT industry.

With a mission to improve…

Hello everyone! We’re excited to announce what we’ve been working on at Promatics for a while now. Certify; a service that allows you to bulk design verifiable certificates.

Certify waiting page
Certify waiting page
Certify waitlist page

Certify grants you the ability to bulk design certificates which have unique IDs that can be verified; it is a product for both the professional running an online course for a few people and an institution with thousands of students.

From attending schools, undergoing training, to learning new professional skills, necessary forms of documents (especially certificates) are required to indicate participation, membership, capabilities etc. As usual, it involves much work from creation…

Tips on working from home and still hitting your goals

Several people have said Covid-19 is here to stay, like you, we sure hope it’s not, but one thing that is here to stay would be an increase in the number of people who work from home.

For a lot of people it’s a dream come true, for others it’s a nightmare to deal with. Still, whichever category you fall into, it’s going to be tough remaining productive while in the comfort of your home, having distractions ranging from Netflix to laundry to maybe your children.

Fact is even when…

A few things to consider when building a product

Thanks to @HckmstrRahul for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

There are lots of products being rolled out in the digital space all year round. If you’re a designer, you most likely have been involved in helping build one, test one, or just be an everyday user of a product. This post is mainly for designers, but anyone on a team that’s building a product would surely get to learn a thing or two from it.

On my journey as a designer I’ve had to learn from reading, and my experiences also, through this time I’ve come to notice a few…

Promatics Technologies Nigeria is proud to announce its appointment as a distributor for Autoscribe Informatics to sell, configure and support the Matrix family of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) products in West Africa.

(Pictured above — David Banjo, CTO and Abigail Anugengen, Partner and Business Development Manager at Promatics Technologies)

“To grow our market in West Africa, we needed to find a distributor that knew laboratories and appreciated the power that software/informatics solutions can bring. Its software system knowledge and location in one of Africa’s most modern and fastest-growing economies makes Promatics Technologies Nigeria an ideal choice” said Steve Boother, Managing Director, Autoscribe Informatics.

With its wealth of expertise in providing a range of professional services…

Promatics Technologies

Digital-first management and IT consulting firm with a regional footprint that offers advisory, professional services, and project implementation.

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